Chapter 61

Light Novel: Volume 3 Episode 11

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The four of them sat around a round table.

Pyo-wol and Jang Muryang sat opposite each other, and in between them, Daoshi Goh and Heo Ranju sat.

The place they were sitting was a private room inside of the guest house. It is an isolated space where other people’s gaze is blocked, so it is suitable for sharing confidential information.

Jang Muryang ordered the most expensive food from the owner of the restaurant.

Pyo-wol sat down without a word and looked at Jang Muryang.

Jang Muryang looked at Pyo-wol with his body buried deep in the chair, while Daoshi Goh and Heo Ranju were smiling.

The most surprising thing was Heo Ranju. She was looking at Pyo-wol with deep eyes, as if she had no memory of being beaten by him. 

She was rather curious about Pyo-wol’s reaction. Usually people get flustered when they are in this kind of situation. Most of the men she saw were like that. 

She expected that this time will be the same too. However, contrary to her expectations, Pyo-wol did not have a single change in his expression.

“Tsk! You’re no fun”

In the end, Heo Ranju pouted her lips with a sullen expression. Then Jang Muryang opened his mouth.

“As you can see, I’m having trouble because you’re being a nuisance.”

“Why am I annoying?”

“You went outside and got yourself hit, so it’s a problem. Is there anything you can do well?”

“Damn it!”

Heo Ranju, who couldn’t say anything, rubbed her lips. Although she found nothing scary in the world, Heo Ranju had a bit of a hard time dealing with Jang Muryang, the captain of their group.

This is because Jang Muryang is not only superior in strength, but also leads the Black Cloud Corps by setting clear goals with his outstanding leadership.

His strength and strong leadership united the mercenaries of the Black Cloud Corps. 

Although it is said that Heo Ranju possessed a brilliant way of thinking, she was also a member of the Black Cloud Corps. All of her actions were carried out only within the limits of what Jang Muryang tolerated.

“Ran-ju, from my point of view, has mastered some great martial arts so it’s really amazing for you to be able to subdue her immediately. If you don’t mind me asking, can you tell who your master is? He’s the one who raised such a great disciple, so he must be also great.”


“Ah! Don’t get me wrong. I’m saying this because I’m just genuinely curious. I also want to offer a friendly relationship.”


“You’re very reticent. Were you always that way? Or is it because you’re uncomfortable at this moment?”

“You already know. The reason why I’m like this.”

This time, Jang Muryang closed his lips.

‘He’s not going to be easy to deal with.’

He was a martial artist who overpowered Heo Ranju instantly.

Although she had an outgoing personality and an unruly temper, she was still strong. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for her to become the Vice Captain of the Black Cloud Corps.

Although it is said that she was careless because she did not anticipate Pyo-wol’s instantaneous movement, that is not an excuse.

It was true that she had lost, so it was certain that Pyo-wol was that much of a threat. So, he tried to confirm Pyo-wol’s capability. This is because if it was a warrior with enough skill to subdue Heo Ranju at once, then that would mean he would have learned martial arts from a proper master or a master with a high reputation.

However, Pyo-wol was consistently silent. He had an expression of someone resolute of not telling them anything about himself.

“This young friend is very suspicious.”

“I was taught to doubt everything except for myself.”

“Is that so? Then you learned it right.”

Jang Muryang laughed out loud.

Food came out in the midst of such meaningless conversations.

As the top-class dishes from the guesthouse came out one after another, Go DOsa trembled with his chopsticks.

“Let’s chat while eating food. When you’re hungry, good words don’t come out.”

“Yeah! I’ve been starving all day and I’m hungry.”

Heo Ranju also hurriedly picked up her chopsticks.

As the two of them livened up the atmosphere, Jang Muryang also smiled and raised his chopsticks.But until the end, Pyo-wol did not raise his chopsticks.

“Why? Do you think the food is poisoned?”

“No. I’m just not hungry.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me right away? If I had, I would have ordered a little less food.”

“But you’re going to eat it all, right?”


Jang Muryang smiled and looked at Heo Ranju and Daoshi Goh.

The two were playing with their chopsticks like crazy. Where their chopsticks passed, the food disappeared. The two of them ate and ate the food as if they were obsessed with face. Thanks to this, more than half of the food has already disappeared into their stomachs.

It seemed that there was no need to worry about the food having leftovers.

Jang Muryang knew that it would be of no use to drag the horse beyond this. Although he hadn’t said a few words to Pyo-wol, his personality was already pictured in his mind.

‘He has a lot of doubts, and he doesn’t trust people easily. He also draws a clear line and refuses to let anyone in.’

For such a person, it might have been more effective to bring out the main point in a straight-forward way than to speak in a roundabout manner.

“I’ve researched your past. Nothing came out. Oh! Don’t be offended. Isn’t it natural that you want to know about someone you’re interested in? The reason I say this is because I’m interested in you.”


“Yeah! I would be lying if I said I’m not interested on someone who overpowered Ranju in a short span of time. I want to recruit you into the Black Cloud Corps. From your point of view, it may just be a group of rogues, but I have a dream. My goal is to make it a proper sect. To do that, I need at least one more talented person. I won’t ask you what your past is or why you came to Chengdu. I can also promise you the best treatment, so join the Black Cloud Corps.”

Jang Muryang looked directly into Pyo-wol’s eyes.

Pyo-wol thought his eyes resembled those of a bear.

At first glance, he looked more honest than any other animal, but in fact, it was the bear that was cunning which no other animal can rival. With the overwhelming power that came from its huge body, the cunning brain, and the brutality of eating its prey alive with its breath attached, the bear was a top-notch beast.

If you are deceived by that person’s nice smile, you will surely be eaten.

“I’ll give you anything. If you want, I’ll give you Ranju as well.”


Heo Ranju shouted, but Jang Muryang did not care and continued,

“No matter what her personality is, her looks make up for it. I don’t know how the nights with her are like, but all the guys she’s slept with seem to be satisfied.”

“Oh! Really…”

Heo Ranju groaned as if angry. But Pyo-wol knew she wasn’t mad.

No matter how angry her expression was,  there was something she could never hide. It was the movement of the fine muscles around the eyes. Pyo-wol was able to grasp the emotions of the other person through such fine muscle movements.

Heo Ranju was not angry. Rather, she was expecting a positive response from Pyo-wol. Heo Ranju’s slightly shriveled breath was telling Pyo-wol how she felt.

‘That bitch really likes that guy.’

Daoshi Goh looked at Heo Ranju and smiled slightly.

Heo Ranju was never a virtuous woman. In fact, it would be strange if a woman who had been a rogue for many years was quiet.

Heo Ranju was not called the “Black Ranju” for nothing.

She was a woman who had to possess a man she liked. The red blush that appeared on her face as she looked at Pyo-wol was proof that she longed for him.

‘Even if you look at the same guy, that guy’s face is amazing. If it’s Ranju’s personality, I’ll leave it in the room and get bitten and kicked.’

Jang Muryang looked at Pyo-wol with a grin.

It was as if he was looking forward to Pyo-wol’s decision. It was his idea that a man could not refuse a beautiful woman like Heo Ranju.

However, Pyo-wol’s reply betrayed his expectations.

“It’s not that compelling.”

“Which one do you not like? Joining the group or giving away Ranju?”

“All of it.”

“You’re more greedy than you look. You’re still not satisfied.”

“I’m not very fond of food that I’m sure I’ll get sick of eating…”


Jang Muryang’s eyes grew sharper. Heo Ranju’s face, sitting next to him, was red with anger.

‘How dare you reject me?’

I’ve met many men so far, but Pyo-wol was the first to reject her. Her face was full of shameful light. Heo Ranju bit her lip until it bled.

Tension lingered over Pyo-wol’s refusal.

Daoshi Goh wiggled his fingers and looked at Pyo-wol and Jang Muryang. If Jang Muryang’s command is given, he is ready to bounce at any time.

That was then.


Suddenly, Jang Muryang burst into laughter.

After a moment’s hesitation, he opened his mouth.

“I’m joking, joking! Why are you making such a serious expression like a fool? No matter how much I like to have you, do you think I’ll give you Ranju? What a big person you are.”


“ I just wanted to make fun of you because of your serious expression. Well, it doesn’t seem to work. Heh! But I want to say something like this. If possible, I hope we don’t run into each other. I love to talk, but the other guys don’t. Actions take precedence over brains. These words are all for you, so I hope you will listen to them.”

“I’ll say something too”

“I’m listening.”

“If one day you go down the street with your head falling off your body and you see your world ending, it’s okay to think it’s because of me.”


At Pyo-wol’s unexpected words, Jang Muryang’s expression hardened.

“I’m joking. What makes you look so serious? Like a fool.”

Pyo-wol smiled. But Jang Muryang couldn’t laugh any more.

* * *

Jang Muryang and his party left the guest house.

When he came out, the smile disappeared from Jang Muryang’s face.

He looked at the guest house with a dry face. To be precise, he was looking at the private room where he and Pyo-wol had been sitting before.

Pyo-wol’s face could be seen through the window of the private room.

Pyo-wol was also looking at him.

‘That guy!’

Jang Muryang’s face, which had been dry, turned colder.

A mercenary’s life is hard.

They have nowhere to go, and no one welcomes them.

The only places where they are most useful are where disputes or big fights between sects take place.

Most of the mercenaries only learned miscellaneous skills, let alone a proper martial art. So, the reality was that they were not treated properly.

However, the Black Cloud Mercenary group led by Jang Muryang was different.

There are about 50 warriors who can be called masters, about 100 who can be useful, and the remaining two hundred are horsemen.

With this level of power, any clan could be annihilated overnight. Nevertheless, they wander the battlefield because no one in Jianghu welcomes them.

Existing sects did not welcome the arrival of mercenary groups such as the Black Cloud Corps under a territory of their jurisdiction.

There was no strong sect that would welcome the arrival of an armed group made up of wild savages. It would have been nice to be able to trample the existing sects by force and take their place, but it was not easy.

Most of the existing strong sects were connected by a close relationship.

In the Qingcheng sect, numerous branches, military officers, pyo-guk (security/escort company), and aristocrats were affiliated with them for over hundreds of years which have led to a sense of community. 

It was the same with the Emei sect.

They usually work individually, but when the group they belong to is threatened, they will unite and fight as one.

The power of the Black Cloud Corps was undoubtedly great. But it was just them.

Unlike the Qingcheng sect, they didn’t have their own aristocrats, and there was no other sects to help. Above all, they did not have a proper system and hierarchy. 

Although the hierarchy is maintained with the strong leadership of Jang Muryang and the power of the Vice Captain Heo Ranju and Yang Woo-jeong, they have not reached the depth and vastness of the powerful sects such as the Qingcheng sect and Emei sect.

For that reason, they did not dare to rub and intervene in the area occupied by those existing clans. That was also the reason why they had no choice but to remain as a mercenary group despite possessing a powerful force.

In the case of Thunder Clan, luck followed.

They settled in Jintang County, where the War of Demons and Heaven took place, and at that time, the Qingcheng sect and Emei sect were living in a dark period.

Thanks to that, they were able to become the owner of  Jintang County in Sichuan without any checks. However, such luck did not follow the Black Cloud Corps.

If a huge war such as the War of Demons and Heaven happened again then they could do the same but there was little chance of that happening.

Therefore, he saw the current conflict in Sichuan as a golden opportunity.

The exact reason why the Qingcheng sect and the Emei sect are fighting is not known, but if they can stand on the side of the Emei sect and inflict a heavy blow to the Qingcheng sect, they’re sure that they’ll be able to occupy a place near the Western Plateau.

If they exercise their acquaintance and influence with foreign personnel who have built up this place long ago, they will soon be able to establish themselves as a prestigious sect.

If only the Black Cloud Corps could settle down, there were many rogues that could be attracted. If they absorb those who wander around the world like vagrants, then they won’t have to be afraid of the Emei sect either. 

That was Jang Muryang’s grand plan. 

However, a stumbling block appeared before his plan even started.

It was Pyo-wol, who was just looking at him from the window.

When he heard that Heo Ranju was the one who lost, he thought that Pyo-wol’s martial arts was only great. If he was such a great master, it was worth bringing him into the Black Cloud Corps. So he came to recruit him directly. 

However, the person he saw in person was not someone who would be under him.

The moment he saw Pyo-wol for the first time, he felt goosebumps coming up his spine.

As he led the Black Cloud Corps, he participated in numerous battles and met so many people. So Jang Muryang prided himself on having an accurate eye on judging people. 

Pyo-wol was the first person to make him feel such a creepy feeling at first sight.

It wasn’t just because of his strong martial arts that suppressed Heo Ranju at once.

If you simply line up the warriors who will subdue Heo Ranju with no feats, there will be more than enough to go around a large lake. 

There were many masters in the river, and there were also many martial artists who reached a level that could not be guessed.

Jang Muryang was not afraid of them. This is because even if their martial arts were strong, they could still understand their inner feelings.

But Pyo-wol was different.

From the moment he first saw him, he couldn’t read anything. Not only his thoughts, but also the changes in his emotions, habits, and others could not be grasped.

It was like facing a deep dark darkness.

It was the first time in his life that he felt this way.

If he had encountered it elsewhere, he would have just ignored it. No matter who the opponent is, if it has nothing to do with him, he can just ignore it.

But this place was Sichuan.

It was a place where the Black Cloud Corps decided to start anew.

Any small variable could not be tolerated.

“Daoshi Goh!”

“Tell me, Captain!”

“Add Maun and a few more boys to him. We must keep a close eye on him from now on.”


“And Ranju!”

Heo Ranju didn’t answer. Her lips were torn and bleeding. It was so shocking that Pyo-wol had rejected her. There was a dark life in her eyes.

“I’ll kill him.”

At the creepy voice of Heo Ranju, Jang Muryang smirked.

“Of course you should, because he dared to reject my offer. But not now. There is no profit in dealing with him.”

“Does wealth matter? When my self-esteem is broken?”

“Ranju! You fool. A person needs wealth to take care of their self-esteem. When this is over, I will let you do whatever you want, so be patient. For now, we need to set up our base in Sichuan Province first.”

“Do you promise?”

“Of course.”

Jang Muryang’s smile widened.

Even if it wasn’t because of Heo Ranju, he had no intention of keeping Pyo-wol alive.

This is because Pyo-wol’s unique atmosphere and eyes were ingrained to his heart.

‘Surely, he’s going to cause some problems.’

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