Chapter 477

Light Novel: Volume 20 Episode 2
Manhwa: N/A


The Ten Thousand Man Slayer lightly plucked the bowstring. The bowstring then gave off a slight vibration.

The surface of the bow, curved like a crescent moon, was full of tiny scratches, evidence of its frequent use.

God-Slaying Bow.

That was the name of the bow he held.

It was as powerful as its ominous name suggested, and it was not easy to handle. Particularly because its range was unbelievably long, so those who get struck by the God-Slaying Bow often did not realize how they had been killed. 

When a bolt fired from the God-Slaying Bow was infused with qi, its power would be doubled. It was truly a powerful weapon.

But the Ten Thousand Man Slayer was not the original owner of the God-Slaying Bow. 

The original owner was an old warrior named Chuk Il-yeop.

Chuk Il-yeop was someone who had reached the pinnacle of archery, and the God-Slaying Bow was his weapon.

The bow’s killing power was so terrifying that he hesitated to use it under normal circumstances.

Chuk Il-yeop’s misfortune was that he happened to target Lee Gwak, the leader of the Frenzied Warrior Sect.

He attacked Lee Gwak with thirty Forgotten Soul Wanderers.1 However, Lee Gwak was an unparalleled warrior.

He slaughtered all of the thirty Forgotten Soul Wanderers together with Chuk Il-yeop and left the battlefield.

After losing its master, the God-Slaying Bow drifted through various hands until it came into possession of the Ten Thousand Man Slayer.

The reason why the martial artist known as Eul-mok acquired the formidable title of Ten Thousand Man Slayer, was largely thanks to the God-Slaying Bow.

Although the Blue Qi Hand was also considered a top skill in Jianghu, it was nothing compared to the God-Slaying Bow. 

The Ten Thousand Man Slayer had always kept the God-Slaying Bow hidden unless absolutely necessary. He knew that the power of a trump card is maximized the less it is exposed. Therefore, he meticulously concealed the existence of the God-Slaying Bow, even from those closest to him.


The Ten Thousand Man Slayer plucked the bowstring once more, and the God-Slaying Bow emitted a strong cry.


The Ten Thousand Man Slayer savored the strong vibration he felt in his hand for a moment.


He grabbed a small quiver he had prepared beforehand and strapped the God-Slaying Bow around his waist. The red cloth tied around his waist perfectly concealed the quiver and the God-Slaying Bow.

If someone saw him without prior information, no one would notice the God-Slaying Bow at his waist.

Outside, the subordinates of Ten Thousand Man Slayer were waiting.

The Ten Thousand Man Slayer usually preferred to act alone, but when it came to targeting big shots like now, he didn’t mind having a few men with him.

The Ten Thousand Man Slayer looked up at the sky.

The sun had long since set, and darkness was encroaching upon the sky.

It was then.

Someone entered his abode.

The Ten Thousand Man Slayer recognized that the person was one of the Asura Vagabonds under the command of the Red King.

The Asura Vagabond approached Ten Thousand Man Slayer and said,

“The Red King says he will move after the second watch.”

“The second watch?”

“Yes! He said that if I tell you that, you would understand.”

“I see.”


After making a fist salute, the Asura Vagabond retreated.

The Ten Thousand Man Slayer personally did not like the Red King. But he was not foolish enough to mess up a major plan because of personal feelings.

Right now, killing Pyo-wol and eliminating all threats to the Kowloon Assassin Guild was of utmost importance.

The plan was simple.

While the Red King distracted Pyo-wol’s attention, the Ten Thousand Man Slayer would eliminate him with the God-Slaying Bow.

Even the Red King acknowledged the power of the God-Slaying Bow. It was, after all, the Ten Thousand Man Slayer’s God-Slaying Bow that had inflicted a serious injury on him.

After a moment’s consideration, the Ten Thousand Man Slayer said,

“Then we move according to plan. Let’s go!”

“As you command!”

With that response, his underlings scattered in all directions.

The Ten Thousand Man Slayer moved alone.

He had already discovered where Pyo-wol was hiding.

It was in the slums of Shaoyang.

Among them, he guessed that Pyo-wol would be staying at a place called the Qi Family Medical Hall. 

It was then.


An explosion, accompanied by an intense light, erupted in the distance.

It was the slums of Shaoyang.

‘They’ve started.’

It was the work of his subordinates.

All of his men specialized in infiltration and destruction.

They had been doing that kind of work for years outside the Central Plains. 


Once again, flames soared up with an explosion.

The intense blast momentarily lit up the area like broad daylight.

By the time the Ten Thousand Man Slayer arrived at the slums, the place had turned into a fiery hell.

Most of the shanty houses in the slums were made of wood and cloth. Once on fire, they did not extinguish easily but spread rapidly instead.

Knowing this, the Ten Thousand Man Slayer had devised such a plan.

They were poor people who didn’t have anything to lose anyway, and there would be no one to shed tears if they lost their homes. 

On the contrary, the people of Shaoyang would be happy to drive the slum dwellers out of the city.

“Set the fire.”

“Move quickly.”

Unseen warriors were seen lighting torches and setting the shanty houses on fire.

They were neither the Ten Thousand Man Slayer nor the Red King’s underlings.

They were the warriors of the Hundred Strike Sect.

The Hundred Strike Sect, along with the Heavenly Golden Manor, had been coveting the slums.

The sect leader of the Hundred Strike Sect, Jo Jangpyeong, had planned to bulldoze the slums and build luxury residences. However, after being defeated by the Wind Saint, he had to give up his ambitions. It was then that the Red King came to him.

While the Red King had cruelly killed the master of the Heavenly Golden Manor, Ya Yul-il, he spared Jo Jangpyeong, deeming him still useful.

Only the Red King knew the criteria for such a decision.

Whatever happened between them, Jo Jangpyeong was desperately encouraging his underlings.

“Hurry and set the fire!”

“There’s no need to consider the circumstances of the poor!”

“Burn everything down!”

Jo Jangpyeong shouted at the top of his lungs.

It was at that moment when the warriors of the Hundred Strike Sect became even busier.

“Block them all!”

“Stop them!”

Suddenly, a group of warriors burst in.

Clad in black robes, they stood in the way of the arsonists from the Hundred Strike Sect. 

At their forefront was Hong Yushin.

He shouted with all his might,

“Protect the slums!”


With that, the black-robed martial artists faced off against both the warriors of the Hundred Strike Sect and the underlings of the Ten Thousand Man Slayer.

They were the Black Tiger Squad, the elite members of the Hao clan.

The Black Tiger Squad attacked the invading warriors in the slums with ferocious momentum.


“What the hell? Who are these guys…?”

“Take them down!”

The slums turned into a chaotic battleground in an instant.

The Black Tiger Squad, the Hundred Strike Sect, and the underlings of the Ten Thousand Man Slayer tangled with each other, attacking one another.

Screams erupted, and flesh was torn apart.

Blood pooled on the ground as someone’s limbs were cut off like straws and scattered in all directions.

It was nothing short of hell on earth.

In the midst of it all stood Hong Yushin.



Having blown off the head of a warrior charging at him, Hong Yushin looked around.

Screams and death were rampant everything.

The Black Tiger Squad was doing its best to fend off the enemies. However, the number of foes was overwhelmingly greater.

‘To think that they would drag the Hundred Strike Sect into this.’

He felt a heavy blow to the back of his head.

Even though the Wind Saint had warned them, he thought they would restrain themselves. But defying everyone’s expectations, Jo Jangpyeong, the sect leader of the Hundred Strike Sect deployed his underlings.

The unexpected addition of forces threw all plans into disarray.

The Black Tiger Squad was strong.

In terms of sheer martial power, they were definitely not inferior to the underlings of the Ten Thousand Man Slayer. The problem was the warriors of the Hundred Strike Sect.

Although their martial arts skills were far below those of the Black Tiger Squad or the Ten Thousand Man Slayer’s underlings, they had numbers on their side.

It’s difficult to fend off ten hands with just one.

Like water slipping through one’s fingers, the warriors of the Hundred Strike Sect broke through the Black Tiger Squad and started the fires.

“Our house is–!”

“Hurry, put out the fire!”

The slum dwellers hurriedly fetched water from the well, trying to suppress the flames. But the fire was too fierce, and buckets of water did nothing to stop it.

The flames spread even more ferociously.

At this rate, the entire slums would be engulfed in flames in no time.

“Damn it!”

Hong Yushin looked for a way to extinguish the fire but found no good solution.

It was then.

“You bastards!”

Someone’s roar echoed through the slums.



The martial artists who had been fighting fiercely for a while staggered as their eardrums and hearts were greatly impacted by the powerful shout.

At that moment, the Wind Saint appeared, riding the wind.

Arriving at the battlefield, the Wind Saint frowned when he saw the slums swallowed up in flames.

A significant number of the shanty houses had already been consumed by the fire.

“Despicable creatures! They have given up their humanity.”

He wanted to kill those who had set the fire right away, but putting out the flames was the priority.


The Wind Saint’s robes billowed even though there was no wind.


With a battle cry, the Wind Saint thrust his palms forward.

Suddenly, a strong wind arose and blew over the flames.

The flames swayed and wavered for a moment, then rose higher with the help of the wind.

“No, that…!”


Just as puzzled looks started to appear on everyone’s faces, the Wind Saint suddenly reversed the flow of his internal energy. 


Instantly, the wind that had been fueling the flames was rapidly drawn toward the Wind Saint, creating a temporary vacuum around him.

Without air to feed it, the fire was bound to go out.


With a loud implosion, the flames that had engulfed the area were suddenly extinguished.

Faced with such an unbelievable sight, not only Hong Yushin but all the warriors were stunned.

“Good heavens!”

“Is that even possible?”

The fight that had been so fierce paused momentarily in shock.

No matter how powerful the Wind Saint’s martial arts were, no one had expected him to produce such a miracle.

“Huff! Huff!”

The Wind Saint bent over, gasping for breath.

It was a great strain for him.

He had used up all of his energy, and a temporary sense of exhaustion consumed him.

His energy was empty, and his muscles felt as heavy as wet cotton, leaving him unable to move even a finger.

“I’ve grown old indeed.”

It was when the Wind Saint was feeling the transience of time.


Suddenly, the sharp sound of cutting air resounded.


Feeling an intense sense of danger, the Wind Saint instinctively twisted his body.


At that moment, he felt a strong impact on his side.

Tremendous pain struck him as if he had been hit by lightning.

An arrow of the God-Slaying Bow had pierced through his side.

Someone had shot an arrow at him.


Caught off guard by the sudden attack, the Wind Saint groaned and spat out blood.

Just then, the Ten Thousand Man Slayer revealed himself amidst the crowd. 

He was the one who had shot the arrow that had pierced through the Wind Saint’s side.

He took advantage of the moment when the Wind Saint was staggering from exhaustion and fired an arrow with the God-Slaying Bow.

“No matter how busy I am, I can’t miss a big fish like you. Wind Saint, a big fish indeed.”

The eyes of the Ten Thousand Man Slayer gleamed with murderous intent.

The Wind Saint, clutching his side, looked at the Ten Thousand Man Slayer.

“You are?”

“They call me the Ten Thousand Man Slayer, Wind Saint!”

“Ten Thousand Man Slayer?”

A look of defeat crossed the Wind Saint’s face.

He had heard that the Ten Thousand Man Slayer had entered Shaoyang, but he had never anticipated he would interfere at this moment.


A groan escaped from his lips.

He felt a terrible pain from the wound where the arrow had penetrated.

Even though he had depleted his internal energy and was defenseless, he had managed to use his internal energy to minimize the impact the moment the arrow touched his body. Yet the fact that the arrow had penetrated his flesh meant that the power of the bow the Ten Thousand Man Slayer wielded was immense.

As the Ten Thousand Man Slayer nocked another arrow to his bow, he said,

“Let’s finish this quickly. I’m quite busy today.”


SoundlessWind21’s notes:

Thank you for reading! 

  1. Forgotten Soul Wanderers. Raws: 망혼객(忘魂客).
    • 忘 wàng – to forget / to overlook / to neglect
    • 魂 hún – soul; spirit; immortal soul (that can be detached from the body)
    • 客 kè – customer / visitor / guest

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Chapter 477
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