Chapter 224

Light Novel: Volume 9 Episode 24
Manhwa: N/A

“I’m so sorry, senior brother!”

Sang-jin bowed his head weakly as he apologized to Chongjin.

He took the Wudang sect’s Seven Swords with him, but in the end, not one of them managed to catch the assassin. They all returned empty-handed.

The series of incidents that happened recently had severely damaged his pride. This forced him to reflect on whether he was drunk with the reputation of being the Wudang sect’s Number One Sword.

Chongjin nodded as he looked at the depressed Sang-jin, 

“Raise your head.”

“I’m sorry. Please punish me for not completing my mission.”

“Junior brother!”

“I cannot forgive myself at this rate. Please punish me for not completing my mission.”


Sang-jin was stubborn.

It was clear that he would not move from his seat until Chongjin punished him.

‘Maybe it’s better if I–’

It was regrettable that Sang-jin failed to retrieve the demonic arts booklet, the Strength Grinding Demonic Martial Arts, but Sang-jin had to develop further for the future of the Wudang sect.

Intoxicated with his reputation as the Wudang sect’s Number One Sword, Sang-jin has not improved in recent years. In order to really take responsibility for the Wudang sect’s future, he needs to become much stronger than he is right now.

“Okay. Since you’re asking for your punishment then I order you to practice wall-gazing1 for a year. Take the Wudang sect’s Seven Swords that failed the mission and go to the Wall-gazing Hall right away.”

“I accept the sect leader’s command.”

Sang-jin got up and bowed.

Chongjin patted him on the shoulder and said,

“I wish you great enlightenment.”

“I will definitely live up to senior brother’s expectations.”

“That’s more than enough.”

“Let’s go.”

When Sang-jin came out, the Wudang sect’s Seven Swords who had been waiting for him approached. Sang-jin went to the wall-gazing hall with them.

A faint smile hung around the corners of Chongjin’s lips as he looked at their backs.

“The Wudang sect will become even stronger after they finish their training.”

Chongjin was well aware of his limitations.

Although he had been patient and diligent all his life, his martial arts could not go beyond the level of an elder. His martial arts was insufficient to lead the huge sect called the Wudang sect. 

Still, the reason why he became the Wudang sect leader was because he possessed a keen eye to read the world and a strong leadership to lead his disciples.

“If I can no longer become strong, then I must make the other disciples stronger. That is the only way to protect the Wudang sect in this rapidly changing world.”

At some point, he felt uneasy.

It was still going the way it was, but it felt like it had reached its limit.

For decades after the Bloody War of Heaven, Jianghu had an unprecedented period of peace.

The Two Factions, Three Great Sects, and many other factions maintain the power balance while exquisitely holding each other in check.

Thanks to that, Jianghu was able to maintain peace, but in Chongjin’s eyes, the current power dynamics looked like a sandcastle that could collapse at any moment.

Since they have already collapsed several times, the Wudang sect had no choice but to react more sensitively to the chaos of the world than any other sect.


When Chongjin sighed involuntarily,

“Sect leader!”

The disciple’s voice came from outside.

“What’s going on?”

“A guest has arrived.”

“A guest?”

“Yes! Someone came from Rain Sword Mountain Manor!”


Jang Muyeon and the White Tiger Sword Corps were killed under Wudang Mountain. It was, of course, the duty of the Wudang sect to collect their bodies.

After collecting their bodies, the Wudang sect notified the Rain Sword Mountain Manor.

Now that someone came from the Rain Sword Mountain Manor, they had to hand over their bodies.

When Chongjin came out, he saw a group of warriors. They were the warriors from the Rain Sword Mountain Manor.

A disciple introduced Chongjin to them.

“He is the leader of the Wudang sect.”

“Jang Hoyeon of the Rain Sword Mountain Manor sends his greetings to Chongjin, the sect leader of the Wudang sect.”

A gentle-looking and beautiful man greeted Chongjin on behalf of everyone.

He was Jang Hoyeon, the successor and young leader of the Rain Sword Mountain Manor.

He was also the half-brother of Jang Muyeon, who recently died.

“Oh! The young leader of the Rain Sword Mountain Manor has come in person.”

“I apologize for the trouble caused in the Wudang sect because of my brother. And I would also like to express my gratitude for recovering the bodies of my ugly brother and other disciples.”

“No! I just did what I had to do.”

Chongjin shook his head.

“Thank you. We will collect the bodies of my brother and the White Tiger Sword Corps.”

“You may do so.”

“And I have one more favor to ask of you.”

“What is it?”

“I want to get information about the person who made Muyeon like that.”

Jang Hoyeon’s tone was very soft.

No hatred or anger could be seen in his face. Which made it even more creepy.

‘They said that the young leader of Rain Sword Mountain Manor has a soft appearance that doesn’t go well with his tenacity, so it’s true.’

People’s evaluation of Jang Hoyeon ran from pole to pole.

Some said he was a really nice guy, while others said he was a terrible guy that should never have existed.

Chongjin thought that both rumors were true.

Jang Hoyeon is a good person, yet a scary person.

A person who is infinitely generous to those who are on his side, but infinitely terrifying to his enemies.

That was Jang Hoyeon.

He did not lose his composure even with the death of his younger brother because Jang Muyeon was his potential rival and enemy. Nonetheless, the reason why he is looking for the person who killed his brother is because they are still brothers who share the same blood, even if it’s half.

Above all, he had a duty to secure the sword Gongbu.

All of this happened because of Gongbu.

If he returned without gaining Gongbu, the face of Rain Sword Mountain Manor would fall rock bottom.

Chongjin opened his mouth,

“I know very little about him.”

“This is a matter of our sect’s prestige. Just tell me what you know.”

Jang Hoyeon’s eyes were still calm. However, there was a firm and unwavering will in it. He will not back down until he hears the answer he wants from Chongjin.

“Hoo! It’s certain that his destination is Henan. I don’t know more than that.”

Chongjin answered in a roundabout manner.

He said that on purpose to protect Pyo-wol. In any case, the Wudang sect was helped by Pyo-wol, and Soma, who was traveling with him, was picked up by Il-gum. 

Even if the opponent was the Rain Mountain Mountain, Pyo-wol’s whereabouts could not be revealed in detail.

Jang Hoyeon nodded.

“That’s enough. Thank you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No. I’ll make sure to remember this favor later. We’ll be on my way then.”

“Why don’t you stay here for a day?”

“I’m sorry. I appreciate your kindness, but we can’t allow ourselves to cause more trouble than this.”

Jang Hoyeon turned around.

Seeing him turn around without a moment’s hesitation, Chongjin’s face stiffened.

‘He possesses great talent. How can he keep his composure like that?’

Even if he is said to be the successor of the Rain Sword Mountain Manor, it was not easy to maintain a calm and unwavering appearance in another prestigious sect such as the Wudang sect.

That alone shows that he had a very cold personality.

Jang Hoyeon, who returned to his subordinates, spoke in a low voice so that Chongjin could not hear.

“Put a request in the Hao clan. His destination is Henan.”

* * *

Pyo-wol sat on a chair and looked at Jin manor.

Jin Siwoo gave Pyo-wol the brightest room in the Jin manor.

As he sat on a chair in front of the door, he could clearly see the Jin family village.

Pyo-wol looked at the village while being bathed in the warm sunlight.

The Jin manor was full of activity.

People were moving busily, and impatience was written all over their faces.

After a person from the Golden Mountain Manor visited, the Jin family did not lower their guard until it was 12 o’clock. However, because there were so few people, it was inevitable that it would be too much.

Because of that, Jin Siwoo paid little attention to Pyo-wol and almost neglected him.

Knowing about their situation, Pyo-wol did not complain. 

As he looked at Jin Siwoo, he could see that Jin Siwoo was brisk walking, with almost no time to catch his breath.

In place of Jin Wol-myeong, who suddenly collapsed, he led the Jin family alone. He was not given the time to look elsewhere.

Suddenly, Pyo-wol’s eyes flashed with displeasure.

It was because he felt someone approaching behind his back, hiding their presence like a cat.

The person was moving as carefully as possible to hide their presence, but with Pyo-wol’s senses, he clearly caught all of the person’s movements.

Without turning his head, Pyo-wol opened his mouth,

“Unless you intend to kill me, you’d better not approach me that way. It might cause a misunderstanding.”


At that moment, with the sound of tongue clicking, the person approaching Pyo-wol like a stray cat openly appeared.

The girl with a delicate body was Jin Seol-ah, Jin Gem-woo’s younger sister.

Jin Seol-ah glared at Pyo-wol with her arms resting tightly on her waist.

She resembled a cat with its hairs standing up. But no matter how she pretended to be ferocious, it’s not enough to catch Pyo-wol’s attention.

Pyo-wol’s gaze was still fixed on the people in Jin manor who were busy moving around.

Jin Seol-ah’s eyebrows raised even more ferociously, as if she didn’t like Pyo-wol’s behavior.

She stood and blocked Pyo-wol’s view.

Only then did Pyo-wol look up at Jin Seol-ah.

“What is it?”

“Are you really that idiot’s friend? I’ve never heard of that idiot having a friend like you.”

“Neither did I hear that he had a younger sister as stupid as you.”


Jin Seol-ah trembled as if she was about to go against Pyo-wol at any moment. However, her appearance did not pose a threat to Pyo-wol at all.

“If you have nothing else to say, then get out of the way. You’re blocking the sunlight.”


“I think I know why your second born brother is having such a hard time. Anyone with a younger sister as stupid as you has no choice but to have a hard time.”

“Y-You’re speaking as if you know everything! How much do you know about the Jin family?”

“You don’t have to know something to speak. Sometimes what you see in front of you can be everything. I believe in what I see.”

“Hmpf! What a jerk!”

Jin Seol-ah glared at Pyo-wol.

Something stirred up inside of her.

She wanted to say something to the jerk in front of her, but she didn’t think that she could hurt Pyo-wol’s heart. Rather, as the conversation continued, she had a feeling that she would only hurt herself.


In the end, Jin Seol-ah burst into tears.

Once tears flowed, an uncontrollable crying broke out.


Jin Seol-ah sat down on the floor as she cried loudly.

Pyo-wol did not offer any consolation to Jin Seol-ah.

He didn’t even look at Jin Seol-ah.

Jin Seol-ah wept sadly as if she had been beaten in the midst of Pyo-wol’s complete neglect.

It was long after that when she wiped away her tears and stood up.

After wiping the tears hanging from the corners of her eyes, Jin Seol-ah looked at Pyo-wol and pursed her lips.

“You’re a jerk. Shouldn’t you at least comfort a woman if she’s crying?”

“It’s not like a woman won’t die if she gets stabbed with a knife.”

“What did you say?”

“I mean, you should learn martial arts so that you don’t get stabbed by a sword while you are being comforted.”

“Who are you really? How did my stupid brother become friends with someone like you?”

“Unlike you, he sees people with open eyes. That’s the difference between you and him.”

“You mean brother Geum-woo recognized you? What are you?”

“I’m at least better than you.”

Jin Seol-ah gave up on arguing with Pyo-wol, who didn’t fail to have a comeback. 

Jin Seol-ah brought a chair from nearby and sat down next to Pyo-wol.

“Tell me.”


“Anything about that idiot.”


“Ah! Can’t you just do it for me? Do you have to ask everything in order to be satisfied? You’re so mean.”

Jin Seol-ah glared at him once again. However, there was a clear sign of hurt in her eyes.

Pyo-wol rummaged through his memory for a while.

“So the first time I met him…”

Jin Seol-ah sat down on a chair and listened to Pyo-wol.

The hot sun was shining down on the two of them.

SoundlessWind21’s Notes

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!

  1. Wall gazing. Raws: Myeonbyeok, 면벽수련.
    • It means facing the wall in hopes of achieving enlightenment.

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Yay! you gave us 224 tonight! What a great way to end 2022 even though the NWO is trying to screw everything up for us all!


i miss soma just loved that mf saying “can i kill em” every time they meet someone


He’ll be back. new and improved. my guess is we’ll see a soma sub-plot soon.

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