Chapter 179

Light Novel: Volume 8 Episode 4
Manhwa: N/A

When she first heard his voice, she thought it was a hallucination.

There was no way Soma’s voice could be heard from here.

Although she was in doubt, Mok Gahye cautiously opened her eyes. She saw a boy crouching a few steps in front of her. He looked like a crow with his baggy clothing.

The boy who was reminiscent of a crow was Soma.

“How did you come here?”

“Who is this kid?”

Mok Gahye and Lim Tae-moon asked in unison.

Mok Gahye was also surprised, but Lim Tae-moon’s surprise could not be compared to hers.

Lim Tae-moon prided himself on being a master.

Although he was preoccupied with molesting Mok Gahye, he still kept his senses wide open. However, the crow-like boy in front of him completely went past his senses and approached them.

He found it difficult to understand what had happened.

Soma didn’t even look at Lim Tae-moon.

His gaze was fixed only on Mok Gahye.

“Sister, tell me. Do you want me to kill them?”


Mok Gahye replied as if possessed.

At that moment, Soma smiled widely.

“Okay! I’ll kill them.”

He stood up waving his arms like a crow flapping.


The seven wheels on his neck collided, creating a clear metal sound.

For a moment, Lim Tae-moon had an eerie feeling.

“Who are you, little boy?”

“Me? I’m Soma!”


“Yes! That’s my name!”

Soma replied with an innocent expression.

Seeing Soma’s expression made Lim Tae-moon feel a stronger sense of discomfort. 


Lim Tae-moon unwittingly pulled out his sword.

His intense sense of discomfort has turned into a sense of crisis.

“Don’t come! If you approach more than that, then this girl’s life will be lost.”

At that moment, a terrifying sound was heard.



Lim Tae-moon stepped back in fright.

Soon after he did, a wheel had passed by where he was. Had he stayed in his position, his torso would have been split in two.

Soma had thrown one of his wheels.

“I’ll kill you all!”


Soma smiled broadly and threw the seven wheels one after the other.

Four round wheels turned like gears and attacked Lim Tae-moon.


Lim Tae-moon gritted his teeth and swung his sword.

The sword had bounced off the wheel making it fly away. However, no matter how much the wheel bounced back, the wheel would just circle back in the air and attack Lim Tae-moon again.


Dark red blood flowed from the corner of Lim Tae-moon’s mouth.

Every time his sword and the wheel collided, he felt a considerable amount of shock. The accumulated shock inflicted deep internal wounds on him.


His complexion turned white.

Lim Tae-moon wanted to run away.

No matter how precious the sword Gongbu was, it wasn’t as precious as his own life. But Soma wouldn’t let him escape.

“You’re pretty strong, brother. I can’t believe you’re holding up against my four wheels. So I’ll add another one.”

Soma took out the fifth wheel hanging around his neck.

Seeing this, Lim Tae-moon’s complexion became even paler. 

He already suffered deep internal injuries just by dealing with the four wheels. If Soma added one more, it was not hard to see what the result would be.

“W, wait!”

He hurriedly shouted at Soma.

Soma looked at him, smiling.

“What is it, brother?”

“Oh, let’s talk! Let’s talk! What do you want? I’ll do anything you want!”

“Your life. I only want your life!”

“Crazy! Do you think that makes sense?”

“Why doesn’t it make sense? You also tried to take my sister’s life.”


Lim Tae-moon hesitated and stepped back.


This was because the wheels had attacked him during their conversation.

With the accumulated shock on his body, he no longer had the strength to even lift his arm. Nevertheless, Soma continued to throw the wheels towards his direction.

Lim Tae-moon gathered all his energy and tried to cut the wheel into two.

But his attack didn’t even manage to land a scratch on it. 


With the speed at which the wheel flew gradually increasing, so was the speed at which Lim Tae-moon wielded his sword. As such, Lim Tae-moon’s breathing quickened.

Later on, he became so out of breath that he was unable to speak. He felt that if he opened his mouth, his remaining energy would dissipate.

Soma ran around Lim Tae-moon at an imperceptible speed, catching the bouncing wheel and launching it again and again.


Finally, a wheel passed and cut through Lim Tae-moon’s foot.

Blood gushed from his ankles.


Lim Tae-moon screamed.

At that moment, the energy that protected his whole body shook, and the wheel mercilessly went in for the opening.

His shoulder became bruised and his side split. He even received a wound deep enough to see the bone in his chest.

In an instant, Lim Tae-moon was incapacitated.

Lim Tae-moon, who was wounded all over his body, had no strength to resist any longer.


Lim Tae-moon begged on his knees. But what he received back was Soma’s refreshing smile.

Lim Tae-moon became afraid of Soma. He felt an unbearable fear towards a kid who was half his size. His pants were already damp. However, he himself was unaware of it.

Lim Tae-moon threw away his sword and put his hands together.

“Please let me live. If you let me live, I’ll give you anything you want.”

“I want nothing more than your life—”

“You devil! How can you be so ruthless when a person is begging you like thi—!”

A series of wheels went for Lim Tae-moon’s body, who was about to scream in anger. The five wheels deeply embedded itself in his head, neck, chest, abdomen, and back.

Lim Tae-moon died just as he was screaming.

Soma rubbed his ear with his little finger and murmured,

“You’re too loud.”

He blew off the wax from his fingers and approached Lim Tae-moon’s body. He retrieved the wheels first, before picking up the sword that had fallen at his feet.

It was the sword Gongbu that was the cause of all this.


Soma picked up Gongbu and laughed mischievously.

Mok Gahye looked at Soma blankly.

She couldn’t think of what to say.

Soma approached Mok Gahye with Gongbu on his side.

At that moment, Mok Gahye nearly screamed and stepped back. That’s how terrifying Soma’s martial arts was. But she displayed superhuman patience.

Even though her expression might be distorted, she endured. She did not scream nor back down from him.

“Let’s go, sister! To older brother.”

“Older brother? Who?”

“You know, brother Mugum.”

“Is he still alive?”

“Yes. That older brother made a request to my brother.”

“So that’s why you’re here to save me. Is brother Mugum all right?”

“He’s greatly hurt. But he won’t die right away.”

“Where is he? Take me to brother Mugum.”

Tears begin to flow from Mok Gahye’s eyes. Her pretty face was soon stained with tears and blood.

“Don’t worry. I was going to do that even if you didn’t ask for it. Instead, I’ll give this sword to my older brother. Brother Mugum used this sword to pay for the request.”

“Do whatever you want! I don’t need that sword anymore.”

Mok Gahye was fed up.

Because of that single sword, such a tragedy took place.

Part of it was her fault so it was hard for her to see so many people killing each other, blinded by desire.

It was then.

“How dare you kill Tae-moon?!”

“Stop! That sword belongs to our sect!”

Hwa Ok-gi and the Bamboo Sea clan warriors who had been fighting fiercely until now, shouted towards Soma.

Three of the seven warriors of the Bamboo Sea clan lost their lives to Hwa Ok-gi and Geum Juhwa. Nevertheless, instead of attacking the two, the warriors of the Bamboo Sea clan glared at the sword Gongbu in Soma’s hands.

It was four months that arose because of Gongbu.

Countless of warriors lost their lives. In order not to make their sacrifices in vain, they had to secure the sword, Gongbu. 

It was the same with Hwa Ok-gi.

“Give me that sword, kid! Then I’ll spare your life.”

He openly showed his murderous intent. 

With blood all over his body, he no longer looked human.

Lim Tae-moon was a close friend he invited.

By losing one of his close friends and Hwangbo Chiseung, if he can’t secure the sword Gongbu then his position in the Heavenly Silver Marketplace will greatly be in danger.

No matter what happens, he had to get his hands on the sword. 

“Give me the sword, Gongbu!”

“If you pass that sword to our Bamboo Sea clan, we will give you wealth and glory!”

Hwa Ok-gi and the Bamboo Sea clan’s warriors said at the same time.

One threatened, the other tried to negotiate. 

But Soma had no intention of accepting any of their offers.

“This sword belongs to my brother now.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

“Are you saying you’re going to decline our offer?”

Soma frowned at Hwa Ok-gi and the leader of the Bamboo Sea clan’s party.

“Ah! I’m going to die because of all this noise! Why is everyone talking so much? We can just fight.”


At that moment, one of the Bamboo Sea Clan warriors screamed. There was a wheel stuck in his back. 

Soma threw his weapon without anyone noticing.


The warriors of the Bamboo Sea Clan became furious and rushed at him without hesitation.

Hwa Ok-gi also joined them.

The two factions, who treated each other as enemies and fought fiercely until now joined forces when a common enemy appeared.

“Haa… What is happening?”

Geum Juhwa sighed.

Although she participated in the fight because of her friendship with Hwa Ok-gi, she was deeply disappointed with how he was in such a mess.

Geum Juhwa is a disciple of a powerful family.

She was always taught to fight honorably. The dog fight happening before her was such a terrible sight that she didn’t even want to get involved.

Geum Juhwa said to Mok Gahye, who was standing in the distance,

“I’m sorry. This wasn’t what I wanted.”


“I’m leaving this fight. Well, then…”

Geum Juhwa turned around and immediately left.

Mok Gahye did not even pay attention to Geum Juhwa. Her gaze was only fixed on Soma, who was dealing with Hwa Ok-gi and the Bamboo Sea Clan warriors alone.

* * *

Hwa Yu-cheon blinked.


For a moment, he thought there was something wrong with his eyes.

It was not unusual for presbyopia to come especially for people his age, but it should not be his concern as someone who had mastered martial arts to a high level.

So far, his eyesight has never been wrong or mistaken. With his strong internal energy backing his eyes, his eyes were as clear as still water.

He began to doubt his own eyes. 

This was because of the unrealistic sight before him. 

In front of him was Mae Bulgun, the steward who had left his side in search of the outer disciple’s captain, Pung Nosan.

He was standing with his back against a large tree, looking at him. His two eyes were full of blood, and blood was flowing between his slightly parted lips. 

Anyone could see that he had stopped breathing.

A sword had been driven through his chest, making him stuck in a tree. This was how he remained hanging without falling.

It was Mae Bulgun’s own sword that was stuck in his chest.


Hwa Yu-cheon’s voice trembled.

Mae Bulgun was the second strongest martial arts master in the Heavenly Silver Marketplace. Seeing Mae Bulgun dead with a terrified expression on his face gave Hwa Yu-cheon a great shock.

It wasn’t just Hwa Yu-cheon.

Even the warriors that went with him had terrified expressions.

Mae Bulgun was more than just a superior to them.

He was the second most reliable person next to Hwa Yu-cheon to the point that they considered him a strong being, similar to a wall that would not collapse.

So when they saw Mae Bulgun in such a state, it broke the morale of the Heavenly Silver Marketplace warriors.

“Who did this to you?”

Hwa Yu-cheon slowly approached Mae Bulgun.

Hwa Yu-cheon, who was cold to his children, became vulnerable at the sight of Mae Bulgun’s death. That shows just how much he relied on Mae Bulgun.

One step, another step.

He gets closer and closer to Mae Bulgun.

The fear became even more visible on his face.

When Hwa Yu-cheon was about to reach out to touch Mae Bulgun’s face,


Suddenly, something pierced through his foot.


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