Chapter 125

Light Novel: Volume 5 Episode 25
Manhwa: Chapter 78

Dark red blood was flowing in the room filled with medicinal incense.

The owner of the blood was an old physician. He was already dead with his eyes wide open. And beside the old physician’s bedside, a black figure was looking down at him. 

It was Heukam.

He came to treat his wounds. And the old doctor’s house was the perfect place to do so since it had a lot of medicinal herbs. The herbs were collected by the doctor all his life. And among them, there were some rare medicinal herbs that were difficult to obtain.

Everything Heukam needed was here.

He was aware that there were people out there looking for him. They scoured through Chengdu as if their noses were sweeping the floor. His safety could no longer be guaranteed.

“That son of a bitch!”

Heukam remembered Jin Geum-woo, the main culprit behind his awful situation. 

It was Jin Geum-woo who instigated the Hao clan and several other people to pursue him. It was not enough for Jin Geum-woo to interfere with his work at the Qingcheng sect, he’s now even tracking him in Chengdu. 

Because of that one person, everything he had worked hard to put together was ruined. Nonetheless,  since the Qingcheng sect ended up closed their doors, his original purpose was actually achieved. 

But even then, his crushed pride didn’t feel restored.

“I’ll make you regret for interfering with my work! Heh heh heh!”

Heukam maniacally laughed, as he retrieved the herbs hanging on the wall and laid it out on the floor.

The dead body of the physician was right next to him, but he didn’t pay it any attention as he started pounding the herbs in a small mortar. 

Thump! Thump!

The dull sound of stone mortar and pestle hitting each other echoed in the room.

Heukam made the Dream Dispersing Drug by finely grinding medicinal herbs into powder and then mixing them with his own vision.

Under normal circumstances, the Dream Dispersing Drug alone would have been enough. 

But he was not satisfied. 

To maximize the medicinal effect, he had to put it in a pot and boil it. Then after cooling the boiled liquid, he had to make it into a pill. 

At the end of him using the said method, Heukam created twenty pills. 

“The cursed poison and twenty Dream Dispersing Drug pills are enough.”

Heukam laughed. 

Now that he has prepared his weapons, it’s now time for him to move. 

From now on, he will study the human named Jin Geum-woo. Jin Geum-woo will be thoroughly analyzed and dissected so Heukam could figure out how he can inflict the most lethal blow.

Jin Geum-woo’s nightmare would start now. 

“Heh heh heh!”

Along with his laughter, Heukam soon disappeared.

* * *

Seo Mun-pyeong looked out with a frown.

Not only Jin Geum-Woo, but Neung Soun, Won Ga-Young, and Lee So-Ha were busy on their hunt for Heukam. 

He also wanted to join them. However, the wounds inflicted by Pyo-wol haven’t finished healing, so he had no choice but to be stuck in the guest house.

“Damn it!”

Seo Mun-pyeong cursed..

He only made a mistake by not recognizing a strong person. But the cost of his mistake was too high.


Seo Mun-pyeong gnashed his teeth as he remembered Pyo-wol.

He wanted to run and take his revenge on Yaju immediately. But he knows he is being impulsive. Even when his body was intact, he couldn’t win against Pyo-wol and was helpless against him. 

More so now that he is injured. In his current state, it was clear that if he tried to attack Pyo-wol, he would just be defeated again.

Seo Mun-pyeong gritted his teeth. But realistically, there was nothing he could do.

“Bring me a drink!”

He shouted at the innocent waiter.

The waiter, who was terrified, trembled as he brought a bottle of wine.

Seo Mun-pyeong didn’t even pour the drink into a glass, he just drank the contents directly from the bottle.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

His anger didn’t go away even though he got drunk.  Rather, the anger that had been suppressed deep in his heart rose.

Seo Mun-pyeong drank constantly, and soon, several empty wine bottles were rolling around the table.

Before he knew it, Seo Mun-pyeong’s eyes lost focus.

He had been drinking too much too quickly so he got drunk quickly.

Then someone sat down next to Seo Mun-pyeong.

With Seo Mun-pyeong’s eyes that were out of focus, he looked at the person who sat next to him without asking for his permission. 

But the person’s figure was strange.

Everything from his face and body looks black.

“Huh! I guess I’m too drunk.”

Seo Mun-pyeong rubbed his eyes with his hands. 

However, the facial features of the person sitting next to him were still nowhere to be seen.


It was then that Seo Mun-pyeong felt something strange.

At that moment, the eyes of the stranger sitting next to him shone impressively. Seo Mun-pyeong, who was drunk, didn’t know how to deal with it and looked blankly into the stranger’s eyes.

His eyes, which had already lost their focus because of his drunkenness, became even more hazy.

He heard a strange whisper. But he couldn’t figure out what exactly it meant.

The mysterious man then made Seo Mun-pyeong take something.

Seo Mun-pyeong’s mind thought he should reject it, but his drunken body was already out of his control.


Seo Mun-pyeong suddenly dropped his head on the table. On the surface, he just looked like he was just completely intoxicated. 


It was not long after that Seo Mun-pyeong came to his senses.

All the other guests left, and it was only him who remained in the guest house. The waiter had gone home and didn’t dare to wake him up because he was scared.

Seo Mun-pyeong looked around with his blurry eyes.

At that moment, a strong desire soared from the depths of his heart. The thought of wanting to embrace a woman quickly ran through his mind.

Seo Mun-pyeong raised his body.

A place where there are a lot of women who he can easily embrace.

Seo Mun-pyeong happened to know such a place really well.

He walked alone in the dark streets. After walking for a long time, he arrived at the red light district. 

Seo Mun-pyeong chose one of them and entered it.

There was no hesitation in his footsteps. 


The general secretary welcomed him with a wary look. Because he recognized Seo Mun-pyeong’s face.

“How’s the West Gate?”

It was Seo Mun-pyeong, who caused a commotion here just a few days ago. Because of him, Soo-hyang, the brothel keeper, and several others were in trouble. If Pyo-wol had not appeared on time, they would not have been able to control Seo Mun-pyeong. 

It was the Divine Fragrance Pavilion that Seo Mun-pyeong visited.

The general secretary of the Divine Fragrance Pavilion looked at Seo Mun-pyeong with a wary expression. 

‘Why is he here again?’’

Seo Mun-pyeong is a promising young martial artist in Jianghu. There is no way to stop him if he went on a rampage in the brothel.

Although there are men who are capable of martial arts in the brothel, there is no way they can stop Seo Mun-pyeong, who is called the Little Boxer.

“Mister Seo! It is our brothel’s closing time now. You should go and visit another brothe—”

“Bring Soo-hyang.”


The general secretary’s eyes widened at Seo Mun-pyeong’s unexpected words.

Seo Mun-pyeong repeated, 

“Bring Soo-hyang.”

“Aigoo! Mister Seo, why are you doing this? You do know that our madam doesn’t accept regular guests, right?”

“So you can’t bring her?”

“Our madam is out.”

“Then call her.”

“Mister Seo!”

“You dare ignore me, too?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You really think you can be arrogant because Yaju has your back?”

The general secretary’s face turned white at the unreasonable behavior of Seo Mun-pyeong.

“How could that be Mister Seo…”

“Why don’t you bring him then?”

Seo Mun-pyeong’s eyes were red and bloodshot. It wasn’t simply because he was drunk. There was something more that existed in Seo Mun-pyeong’s eyes.

The general secretary, who has been dealing with drunk customers for a long time, instinctively saw through Seo Mun-pyeong’s act. But he remained calm and said,

“You seem to be very drunk. If you die today…, ok!”


At that moment, Seo Mun-pyeong’s fists struck the secretary’s head. 

The secretary’s neck snapped before he died.


“M, Murder!”

The courtesans screamed as they opened the door to watch the quarrel between the secretary and Seo Mun-pyeong.

“Oh my god!”

“S, Secretary…!”

The faces of the brothel warriors who rushed in the scene  after hearing the screams of the courtesans turned white.

Seo Mun-pyeong’s gaze turned to the warriors.

“Are you looking down on me, too?”

“How could we—?”

“N, no…!”

The men made hasty excuses, but to no avail.


Their heads exploded with just two of Seo Mun-pyeong’s punches.

“Where are you hiding?”

Seo Mun-pyeong looked around as he passed the bodies of the warriors.


He began to sniff like an animal. His appearance was hardly normal. 

“What should we do–?”

“R, run away!”

The courtesan and the guests rushed out at once and ran away. As they fell tangled together, the chaos reached its peak.


Seo Mun-pyeong stepped on the fallen people and moved forward.

He walked on them with his internal energy bursting out so every person he stepped on had their limbs broken and guts exploded.

It was as if hell was unfolding inside the brothel.

Seo Mun-pyeong continued sniffing the air. And at some point his eyes became more ferocious.


Seo Mun-pyeong flew through the window.

In an instant, he skipped over a dozen meters and arrived at the annex of the Divine Fragrance Pavilion.

A beautiful woman stood in front of the annex.

It was Soo-hyang. She ran out of the annex surprise when she heard screams coming from the main building.


Soo-hyang stepped back in surprise when she saw Seo Mun-pyeong.

* * *

“What is the meaning of this?”

Jin Geum-woo and Neung Soun could not make out the situation in front of them.

All of a sudden, riots broke out all over Chengdu.

Flames soared from different buildings as groups of warriors started a fight at the same time as if they had planned it altogether.

“It’s him”

The moment the riot broke out, Jin Geum-woo instinctively realized that Heukam had already made his move.

Jin Geum-woo clenched his teeth.

They did their best to find Heukam, but Heukam dodged their eyes and even controlled many people into becoming his own puppets.

Recognizing the seriousness of the matter, the Hao clan’s Hong Yusin dispatched an inspection team, while Yu Shinfeng also moved along with his niece Lee So-ha to subdue the rioters.

Jin Geum-woo muttered.

“Strange! Is a riot all he wants? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Since our encirclement on him is narrowing, he must have done this in a hurry.”

Nung Soun casually said as if the situation was not a big deal.

There was a sudden riot, but the number of the warriors was not so high that they could be suppressed quickly.

That was then.

“We’re in trouble!”

Won Ga-young came running. Her face white and tired from all the running. 

“What is it?”

“Pyeong is—”

“Pyeong? Seo Mun-pyeong? What about him?”

Neung Soun asked hastily. But Won Ga-young couldn’t answer immediately because she was still regaining her breath from running.

Jin Geum-woo looked in the direction where Won Ga-young came from.

He could see another fire starting to spread out.

Jin Geum-woo ran to the place where the flames soared without thinking further. Won Ga-young and Neung Soun quickly followed in his footsteps.

“Oh my god!”

The three of them looked at the place where the flames soared with stunned expressions.

The brothel was burning. 

But what they saw wasn’t just the flames.

They saw a man standing in the middle of the collapsed walls. He was holding the body of a certain woman as if he were out of his mind. 

It was Seo Mun-pyeong. 

He was staring blankly at the sky. His eyes had long lost their focus.


Despite Jin Geum-woo’s call, Seo Mun-pyeong did not respond. 

He looked like he had lost his soul.

As soon as they saw Seo Mun-pyeong’s condition, Jin Geum-woo and Neung Soun immediately realized what had happened.

“Oh my god!”

“He must have been under his magic!”

The two looked at each other’s faces.

They had to somehow subdue Seo Mun-pyeong without hurting him and return him to his original disposition. They were only worried about Seo Mun-pyeong’s safety that they did not even look at the woman he was holding.

They just vaguely guessed that the woman might be one of the courtesans because they were in front of the brothel.

“Pyeong! Calm down and come here!”

Neung Soun began to approach Seo Mun-pyeong cautiously.


A gruesome sound rang out.

Jin Geum-woo and Neung Soun raised their heads in surprise. What came into their sight was the sight of a solid silver line cutting through the night like a shooting star.

A silver wire wrapped around Seo Mun-pyeong’s neck in an instant.


Jin Geum-woo was surprised and ran towards Seo Mun-pyeong.


At that moment, Seo Mun-pyeong’s head was cut off like tofu.

It felt somewhat unrealistic to see Seo Mun-pyeong’s head rolling on the floor.


“You bastard!”

Neung Soun and Won Ga-young shouted. 

But Seo Mun-pyeong, who was decapitated, couldn’t answer his colleague’s screams. He, who had lost his head, soon collapsed.

A man appeared where Seo Mun-pyeong collapsed. 

He just showed up without any warning or sign. 

He had an exceptionally white face and demonic appearance. 

It was Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol silently took the woman’s body from Seo Mun-pyeong’s hands and embraced her.

A pale face, and a cold body temperature.

The woman had already stopped breathing.


Pyo-wol called out the woman’s name.

He received no reply.

Before she could be humiliated by Seo Mun-pyeong, she already took her own life.

Pyo-wol carefully laid Soo-hyang’s body on the floor and said,

“I had a vain dream for a while… A dream where I could be in my own little world. But even that is not allowed for me. I get it now. That such happiness doesn’t suit me.”


Pyo-wol raised his head and looked at Jin Geum-woo.

“Congratulations! You brought me back to reality.”

SoundlessWind21’s Notes:

End of Volume 5. Sigh~ I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!! That last chapter’s Soo-hyang and Pyo-wol interaction was a death flag!!!!


“I’ll come again next time.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

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Kill all of them pyo wol!!!!! Hehehehe

Zin Zi

That really sucks…


PyoWol going back to killing


MC should have known that someone with mass mind control hiding in the city was dangerous and helped in hunting him.


Yes! I fully agree!! The MC has only himself to blame in this case. He didn’t even try to prevent this

Black Flame

MC Not knows strength huekam

Last edited 11 months ago by Black Flame

I don’t blame the mc, in most cases, well 99% of the cases, when mcs makes such a stupid decision i would be angry, but here its completely understandable, he originally was a homeless teen, completed his revenge at age of 28 but his original 14 years before he was pulled into this hellish cycle was never a life of joy but rather a life of survival, now he had strength, and no goals he was hollow he does not need to wander to survive like he originally needed so he started to fill his life with worldly pleasures, woman, food.. he was living in a bubble that was bound to burst but its understandable he would create such a bubble in the first place considering his past


Welcome to hell dear stupid warriors


No !! Why ?!!! After a long time Pyowol finally has a beloved woman again only to once again lost her.. When will he be at peace..?!!


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Chapter 125
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