Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 294

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Nice, seeing some old faces again. I wonder if they’ll help him with Kowloon in the future.


Maybe some will. Some won’t. Maybe 100 Wraith Union will be threatened by Kowloon and 2 of them will be in 100 Wraith Union. So that will help smooth over things between P and 100 Wraith Union. If P is as strong as he is, and he’s stronger than Heong (HWU), then surely the other 2 are in the HWO top 10 and even higher than her. Yes?


Didnt expect that.


They kept us waiting a long time to see familiar faces. Love it.


Yea, since the HWU approached him about joining, maybe the other 2 joined. I expect they are both in the top 10 of the HWO since P dominated 2 of the top 10 already. That may help to clear things up with HWU. And I’m guessing once P reunites with SOMA, Soma would easily be in the top 10. HWO thinks P is a loner, but he’s actually got 3 other peeps back at his crib. 😛 When they enter his domain, it’s game over.

Either HWU partners with P against KOWLOON, or P is about to wipe the leader of the HWU and become the new leader. Also, it’s been 10 years since P saw any of the his old buds. Quite possible one of them is the leader of the HWU. I remember the girl was a natural leader and very smart. Heong has connection with P so she can describe him well to them all. They will recognize who is from that just like this Troupe leader did.

…maybe… 😛