Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 253

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I don’t know why but my gut feeling is telling me that the guard who brought the Gold lady is actually Pyo and not the actual guard. He’ll wait until the Gold Manor guards arrive and then kill her causing trouble in Snow Manor


because its true! P doesn’t let anyone escape unless it’s on purpose. Heok is going to go out hunting for P and while he’s out, P is going to wipe out Snow Mountain.

My guess is the top guy will get wasted. Yul will get wasted, and who knows about the rest. the mercenaries will likely just pull out and leave once they realize P is involved. Jin family wins.

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I think the Lee Yul will be okay, but he will return to the villa and find everyone dead. He’ll get angry and embarrassed 😂


I like p’s game of chess while everyone else is playing checkers.