Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 252

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I can’t wait to see when he finds out Dark Ghost was killed 😎


he will figure it out while P is causing havoc in Snow Mountain. He’ll be like “Oh snap!” I don’t think P will kill Heok though. i think this sub-plot is about embarrassing Heok and setting up a long term vendetta.

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So kick ass. Well, i’m sure Heuk will die too. so here’s the deal. if he’s going to find PyoWol in 1 day, then that means he’s going to have to leave snow mountain to do it. PyoWol is inside Snow Mountain now. So if Heuk leaves, then Yul is vulnerable. Now the question may be, did PyoWol hide Ghosts body? or is it laying out in the street with all the other bodies. My guess is P killed all the Gold Mountain people using Ghost’s technique so it looks like Ghost did it.